BrightBiz helps anyone and any company to increase their sales margin and sales revenue!

With sales training, coaching, and talent management, we can empower anyone or any team to consistently sell their “big idea” and rapidly accelerate growth.

The sales culture we infuse into businesses is proven to boost turnover, margins and cash.

Founders, Philippe Szombat and Pascal Pytel, are sales gurus whose combined achievements with tech start-ups and Fortune 500 companies are unparalleled in Belgium.

Philippe Szombat

Philippe Szombat is a sales guru, with almost 20 years experience in sales.

His record of achievement with innovation leaders like Xerox, Unisys, Hewlett-Packet and Oracle, shows that he knows how to make markets move, and fast. His success growing an international sales team and culture from the ground-up at TweetWall Pro first got him hooked on start-ups. With 200 start-up clients and counting later, he’s still got it.

Philippe is a fantastic sales trainer, coach and strategist. Sales has no secret to him.

He is also sales speaker and sales mentor  notably at Techstars Paris, Digital Attraxion, Founder Institute and KBC Start-It.


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Pascal Pytel

Pascal Pytel is the godfather of sales. He has nearly 30 years of experience as a sales, sales manager, recruiter and trainer for top, global companies in the high-tech industry. With BrightBiz, he offers this wealth of expertise and experience to start-ups.

Infusing a winning sales culture into businesses from top to bottom is what Pascal does best. Ever since he started running sales for Xerox in the ‘80s in Belgium, Pascal has been developing and refining his training program. Today, it is widely acknowledged as one of the most comprehensive, practical and effective in the region.

With his razor-sharp insights and rock-solid advice, Pascal is sought out to help crack some of the toughest sales challenges. There’s almost nothing he hasn’t seen and coached people to conquer. With a degree in education, he thrives at helping people realize their potential and take control of their own success.


Dutch – French – English – Spanish