Belgian startup BetterStreet follows the COSSIM ® sales training course, starts selling, gets cash and success!

Thanks to COSSIM® sales training, Jean-Marc Poncelet got 200% increase of closing rate

Graduated to Cossim ® on 07-06-2014

Jean-Marc Poncelet
CEO and Founder

About BetterStreet

Betterstreet is a collaboration platform that helps citizens to better communicate about problems or degradations in the street to their authorities.

Jean-Marc Poncelet needed to find motivation because of the difficulty to sell despite a lot of efforts and energy spent and not enough sales. Jean-Marc wanted to get the right techniques to be able to sell more and more easily.

The Results

Jean-Marc got all the sales techniques that helped him to become a professional sales person and to take off with his startup! His motivation increased significantly and he could help his prospects and clients much better.

After a few weeks, he could see significant results when he was meeting new prospects but also prospects that he had already met. Jean-Marc started to sell more and more and could also attract some investors to invest in his promising startup.