Belgian startup Sortlist follows the COSSIM ® sales training course, starts selling, gets cash and success!

550.000 € capital raised thanks to the sales unlocked by COSSIM®

Graduated to Cossim ® on 01-07-2014

Thibaut Vanderhofstadt & Nicolas Finet
CEO and co-Founder

About Sortlist

Through an innovative web application strongly linked to professional networks, Sortlist is reinventing the way businesses of any sizes and locations find their marketing and communication agencies.

After launching their product, the Sortlist team had difficulties to sell the value of their offer, and to close deals. All the team of Sorlist followed the COSSIM® Top Sales training course.

The Results

Sortlist got their first results in just a few days after they started the training (not finished, only started!). After the 1st session, they got 5 new contracts and after the 2nd week 15 contracts.

The company made more cash, signed its first deals (among them great clients), and got a better visibility on the market. The valuation of the company increased, and the successful sales helped securing a 550.000 € investment round.