Sales training that pays for itself

When I train start-ups, my goal is to have the training pay for itself. How? Because training produce sales, which fuel the company with cash, jobs and more.

Sortlist team

SortList was among the first start-up I trained in 2014. The founders, Thibaut Vanderhofstadt, Nicolas Finet, Michael Valette and Charles De Groote, took a two-day intensive training spread out over two weeks.

Like many entrepreneurs, their product wasn’t perfect yet.

But, they needed to hit the market to generate cash for further development. And, with my sales training, this is exactly what they did. And in ways that widely exceeded their expectations.

After just the first session, they signed five new contracts.

After the second session, they signed 15. In just two-weeks, they had the cash they needed for the business and a growing client list that made industry news.

This sales record was critical for investors who infused 550,000 Euro in seed funding into SortList. This is exactly what BrightBiz is all about.

Training is an investment that start-ups simply can’t afford not to make.

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