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Thanks to COSSIM® sales training, Jean-Marc Poncelet got 200% increase of closing rate

With Jean-Marc Poncelet
CEO and Founder

550.000 € capital raised thanks to the sales unlocked by COSSIM®

With Thibaut Vanderhofstadt & Nicolas Finet
CEO and co-Founder

Betacowork follows the COSSIM® training course, increases their membership subscriptions and reach a new record

With Ramón Suarez
Founder and CEO


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BrightBiz is unique because the training is given by trainers who have had success for many years as salespersons, which is an absolute must. Besides this, the combination of the various techniques put together in one training is unique and cannot be found in another sales training format. The combination of these two things leads to …

Henk Debel – Bard Country Sales Director BeNeLux

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Social Lab

The sales trainer was great. He was always challenging us, asking questions and you have to be reactive. You don’t need to have a product to attend this training. The training was challenging, engaging, great and funny with the roleplays.

Marie-Isabelle de Potter – Social Lab Account Executive

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“Cette formation, elle a changé ma vie! J’ai réussi à mieux vendre la valeur des solutions à mes clients. J’ai été beaucoup motivée et les résultats ont été immédiats après la formation COSSIM.”

Sylvie Lillywhite – Mardi.be Partner and Visual identity consultant

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We came to Philippe because we got great recommendations that he has sales techniques that can help us to get more clients, faster, for bigger deals. We did many roleplays and it was fun to to it with my co-founder. A lot changed after the training…

Frederik Vincx – Prezly Owner and Design Director

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I really love the training. It has helped me a lot. I already made more sales. I have been able to raise funds more easily. I should have done this course years ago.

Ramón Suarez – Betacowork Founder and CEO

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It helped us to structure all the selling process and better understand our prospects. Our clients saw us as professional sales and entrepreneurs. We got more confidence. Day1 we got the 1st day training, 2 weeks after, we  closed our first 15 contracts. Then, it was easier to convince investors. I recommend BrightBiz to anybody …

Thibaut Vanderhofstadt – Sortlist CEO and co-Founder

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2 years ago, I started my company and one of my main activity as a CEO is to sell to our customers but I realize that after 10 years working in Marketing that actually, I couldn’t sell. Sell is a real job. So, I needed help. I learned a lot. I got motivation to sell. …

Jean-Marc Poncelet – BetterStreet CEO and Founder

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Mango Information Systems and Tribalytics

I followed this sales training because I was struggling doing sales. I have technological background and sales was not my thing. It was great because this really helped me getting much better results, be more confident in managing the whole sales process. The sales techniques helped to discover the needs of the client and buy …

Mehdi El Fadil – Tribalytics CEO and Founder

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I would certainly recommend BrightBiz to anyone who wants a training or some advice in sales

Marie-Isabelle de Potter Account Executive

Social lab

After the training we immediately put the advice to the test. The results are there already

Frederik Vincx Builds PR software for stellar brands


This training gave more confidence and better tools to promote my business.

Marina Aubert Senior Webmarketeer / Inbound Marketing & Brand Strategy

After few days of working together, we managed to improve our sales process

J.P. Robert Vandenbegine Netbusinessing entrepreneur and e-volution catalyst


Philippe is definitely walking the talk

An Tanghe Director

Microsoft Innovation Center Vlaanderen

Philippe has tremendous experience and knows what he’s talking about

Bruce Verburgh Co-founder